Of Incest and Insects

My oldest daughter, PJ, started first grade a few weeks ago and today was my first chance to go and meet her new friends. She asked me last night if I’d come eat lunch with her today and I had the hour free, so I stopped in. The cafeteria where the elementary schoolers ate lunch reminded me of my own childhood years with its white tile floors, wooden stage, and general loudness and busy humming.

surrpsided andy

As I sat down, I asked PJ and her classmates what they’d been learning today in school. They told me they’d been going over the letter “I.” So I decided to quiz them.

ME: What words begin with the letter “I”?

PJ: Iguana.

ME: Good.

surprised insect

Random Kid #1: Igloo. 

ME: Another good one.

Random Kid #2: Incest.

ME: Um….yeah. Yeah. Uh…I supposed “incest” does begin with “I.” Though it’s kind of an odd choice.

Random Kid #2? What’s “incest?” I said, “insects.”

ME: Oh…yes…uh…that’s what I said, too.

Darn loud, busy humming cafeteria!