This is my little red wagon. You are welcome to laugh.

German theologian Karl Barth, author of the many volumes collectively called Church Dogmatics, told of a dream he had of  dying, arriving in heaven, and being questioned by St. Peter:

Peter: “Who are you?”
Barth: “My name is Karl Barth.”
Peter: “What have you done?”
Barth: “I taught theology.”
Peter: “What have you written?”
Barth: “Church Dogmatics.”
Peter: “Can I see it?”
Barth: “Well, it’s a whole shelf.”
Peter: “Big isn’t it?”
Barth: (proudly) “Ja!”
Peter: “Here is a little red wagon. Put it in. Now, pull it up the street.” 

As Barth obediently pulls the little wagon, the angels line the street, and laugh!